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Course summary

  • Type MOOC course
  • Period Always open
  • Learning Time Study freely
  • Course approval method Automatic approval
  • Certificate Issue Online
Thumb up 3528 Learner 17058

Instructor Introduction

  • KAIST 산업및시스템공학과 문일철

    KAIST 산업및시스템공학과 부교수
    KAIST 김재철AI대학원 겸임교수
    KAIST 항공우주공학과 겸임교수
    KAIST 안보융합연구원 겸임교수
    한국인공지능학회 교육이사

Lecture plan

    1. 1. Motivations and Basics
      2. Fundamentals of Machine Learning
      3. Naïve Bayes Classifier
      4. Logistic Regression
      5. Support Vector Machine
      6. Training/Testing and Regulatization

Additional Info

**수료기준 : 진도율 100% 이상, 퀴즈 100점 만점 70점 이상
* 강좌 수료 기준 충족 시 수료증을 제공합니다:)