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Course summary

  • Type MOOC course
  • Period Always open
  • Learning Time Study freely
  • Course approval method Automatic approval
  • Certificate Not Issued
Thumb up 6 Learner 695

Instructor Introduction

Lecture plan

  1. Intro to Deep Learning Live
    1. (Introduction) '딥러닝 시작하기 - 예측 하는 방법'
    1. (Live) How to Predict Music You Love
    1. (Live) How to Do Style Transfer with Tensorflow
    1. (Live) How to Generate Music with Tensorflow
    1. (Live) How to Generate Your Own Wikipedia Articles
    1. (Live) How to Beat Pong Using Policy Gradients
    1. (Live) How to Generate Images with Tensorflow
    1. (Live) Generative Adversarial Networks
    1. (Live) GAN for Style Transfer

Additional Info

다음과 같은 분들의 도움을 받았습니다.

School of AI, Head Dean

ConnexionAI 대표/모두의연구소 CTRL 랩장

박시훈, 윤소영, 정태영, 조하늘, 한동훈, 신유주, 윤수식(커넥트 번역 서포터즈)